Shenzhen GBLinker Mdt Info Tech Ltd.

We are dedicated to providing personal parcel services for Chinese customers. We have our own logistics teams and transit warehouses in both China and the United States, as well as exclusive freight channels, and use an efficient digital warehousing system. We are committed to let Chinese users enjoy shopping without leaving home, with lower prices and higher timeliness!

Ge Bu

Ge Bu is a logistics online order app under Gebu Link. In order to save communication costs, GebuLeaders has opened a public number and a small program on the WeChat platform. The small program can realize quick functions such as online parcel shipping cost measurement, order delivery service, logistics information inquiry and shipping cost payment to improve shipping efficiency.

Company Address

Shenzhen Location:广东省深圳市南山区桃源街道丽山路65号民企科技园2栋东座1楼106室
Tel:+86 17301974214

Beijing Location:北京市丰台区汉威国际广场3区3楼7M层09
Tel:+86 17301974214

Los Angel Location:16285 Gale Ave, industry, CA 91745
Tel:+1 8448612345

Business Capability

The team of GBLinker Link has more than 3 years of experience in the field of logistics, and has its own unique experience and insight on logistics and warehousing. We have our own delivery channels in land, sea and air, and have absolute advantages in price, and are committed to providing convenient and affordable logistics services for Chinese.

Digital Warehouse
GBLinker has warehouses with a total area of 1,000 square meters in China and the USA. Thanks to the digital warehouse system, the logistics of the parcels can be tracked in time. We can make data records of the parcels entering and leaving the warehouse, which is electronically monitored from all sides. This digital management can effectively reduce the loss of parcels.

Parcel handling capacity
The team of Gebraq has rich experience in logistics, with a daily parcel handling capacity of 30,000 pieces. We give professional training to every employee who joins us, so that we can easily deal with various problems of cross-border logistics and provide efficient and convenient services to our customers.

Elite Team
The core team of nearly 25 people, all of whom have been engaged in the logistics industry for more than 3 years, has gathered resources and experience in channels, operations, management and other aspects.

Contact us

The team at GBLinker welcomes your valuable comments and suggestions for us. We also look forward to like-minded friends joining us and exploring different cross-border logistics models together.