Steps for Shipping

Steps For Usage

Price Calculating

The freight will be calculated automatically after filling in zip code of the delivery address and the weight of the item. The calculated price is for reference only.

Parcel Information

Filling in the information of recipients and packages according to the prompts.

Items’ Transportation to Warehouse

Sending goods to our designated warehouse and telling customer service the tracking numbers and recipients’ name.

Making a Payment

Workers will scan the items to register and update the information and shipping cost on the platform. Please make sure pay in time to guarantee timely delivery.

Calculating freight easily by only one click

Easy to buy overseas, one piece can be sent immediately

Follow the applet

Enjoy fast service instantly

Easy to track parcels in real time

Service Guarantee

After-sales Service

Lost items will be compensated

Our warehouse will pay for any loss of the items, and 100 RMB is at most. For items with high value, the customers can apply for value insurance (3 percent of the item’s value need to be paid, and full amount will be refunded once items lost)

Refund one to compensate one

We promise refund one to compensate one when customs detain the goods, which means we will pay double freight.

Full tracking

We will actively follow the goods transportation, even the end logistics. For example, if US express lost items, we will work hard to help customers to get compensation from the company even it it is nothing to do with us.

Innovations and Features

  • No grouping required

    Users have to do nothing but send the parcels to our domestic warehouse. Workers will receive and deal with them in a standard process under digital supervision. Your packages will be shipped daily without waiting for grouping, no matter what the size it is.

  • One piece one person

    Ge Bu Packages is designed for individual service without restrictions to price, weight and quantity. One piece, no matter large or small, will also be shipped in the day it is received. We serve every customer with all our heart.

  • Place orders by Mini program

    We have a series of platforms, such as mini programs and websites, where users can check the status of orders and logistics details, and realize operations such as return cancellation.